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Block keyboard

Ben Cooper's Block is a 12x4 hotswap ortholinear keyboard with OLED display.
Published January 24, 2023
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Ben Cooper aka bncpr published his 12x4 ortho, a hotswap keyboard with an OLED display in the gap between the halves.

Just finished building my first design. I wanted to have a first design project to play with before designing a split keyboard. It's a 12x4 design with hotswappable sockets for MX Cherry or Kailh Choh – bncpr.

The gap in the middle was added for an OLED display but also to get used to having separate sides for each hand.


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Published on Tue 24th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #112 (source).


Emoji macropad

A Preonic turned into an emoji macropad for Discord (build video) by MendezAS.


The BFY-1 (the beefy one) by u/bad1o8o is a 18x6 ortho with case STLs.

Ortho or staggered? Both!

This 40% ortho PCB comes with a home row allowing both ortho and staggered (symmetric) arrangement (here). (Posted by Littlehouse75.)

Appa keyboard

Calebe94's Appa is an ortho keyboard supporting Alps switches.


The SPC EVDR by weteor is a cute ortholinear keyboard with a little twist: offset space cluster.


Jason Hazel's shortstack is an ultrathin split ortho with Kailh X switches.