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Block keyboard

Ben Cooper's Block is a 12x4 hotswap ortholinear keyboard with OLED display.
Published January 24, 2023

Ben Cooper aka bncpr published his 12x4 ortho, a hotswap keyboard with an OLED display in the gap between the halves.

Just finished building my first design. I wanted to have a first design project to play with before designing a split keyboard. It's a 12x4 design with hotswappable sockets for MX Cherry or Kailh Choh – bncpr.

The gap in the middle was added for an OLED display but also to get used to having separate sides for each hand.


Published on Tue 24th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #112 (source).

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Lumberjack: a 60% ortho

Lumberjack is an open source 60% ortho PCB by peejeh.

Appa keyboard

Calebe94's Appa is an ortho keyboard supporting Alps switches.

Year of the Ortho: sporewoh's 2022

Christian Lo (a.k.a. sporewoh), a rabid ortholinear fan, outlines his experimental projects and provides a behind the scenes look of his highlights of the year.

Phaethon prototype

Phaethon is a through-hole keyboard with a solar panel – designed by u/mrninhvn.


The SPC EVDR by weteor is a cute ortholinear keyboard with a little twist: offset space cluster.


DigDug is weteor's latest model in the Orthocade family: with some exploded key groups.