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The Boston is an open source "compact 120%".
Published June 18, 2021

I have a hard time to keep track of projects on Geekhack. This one was brought to my attention through JucheCatgirl's typing test on Youtube:

This absolute unit is the Boston, a "compact 120%" designed by Pylon at geekhack. [...] It's essentially an Austin with an F13-F24 row added on top. These were available as B-stock/test kits for users willing to print their own cases, and all the PCB and case files are on github for those interested in building one today.

Published on Fri 18th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #31 (source).

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Lalboard: a modern Datahand

The lalboard, this 3D printable recreation of the DataHand was featured at hackaday recently (journal, repo).


The Aether is a handwired keyboard by EvilTacoMan7533, based on the Atreus.


The Splay46 is a stacked acrylic gasket mounted split by kobakos32 with angled columns (repo).

Axon, a 40% through-hole keyboard

The Axon is an open source 40% through-hole keyboard by Orobin.


The JiaEX is a split keyboard for extended alphabets with nice repo by oleg_sk.


Custom made 3D-printed open-source gamebuddy by _vastrox_.