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Brute-force encoder integration

A modified Gherkin by bgkendall featuring a rotary encoder.

A Gherkin with encoder and added functionality by bgkendall – hacking the PCB.

Stem hole widened to ~7mm for encoder shaft — this breaks two traces that have to be fixed later.

Also, the switch cutout in the plate has to be expanded.

More photos in the original post.

Published on Mon 27th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #45 (source).


3D-printed encoder knob

This 3D-printed rotary encoder knob by jamidodger comes with source files.


Rollow: with thumb encoders

The Rollow is a split keyboard by ArtofZenKeys with dedicated thumb encoders.



The cocot46 is a homebrew keyboard with an integrated trackball and rotary encoder.



Another monoblock split with column splay and all the bells and whistles. Designed by 1m38.