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BumWings is a unibody ergo keyboard by tubbytwins. Another board based on the RP2040 Zero controller.
Published January 11, 2023

BumWings – the name isn't meant to be pejorative or insulting – by tubbytwins has an un-split angled layout that has columnar stagger with moderate pinky splay and features dual inverted T-clusters as well as thumb key clusters.

The author has been using a TypeMatrix for nearly two decades, and also an Ergodox-EZ, but had some issues.

So this is my first attempt at designing a keyboard. It works well for me, hopefully others will find it useful or interesting – tubbytwins.

In the repo there are two three variants with the same layout but with supports of different development boards: one for the RP2040 Zero, another one with a Seeed Xiao footprint, and counting.

The Xiao one uses shift registers.


Published on Wed 11th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #111 (source).

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Sadek Baroudi's Arachnophobe is a 30-key choc/mx monoblock split using any Seeed XIAO controller.


A 3D-printed handwired monoblock split by 70rch: torch0.

Zaphod: 34-key unibody split

The Zaphod is a 34-key, wireless, low profile unibody split by petejohanson.


KeyboardDweebs' open-source Quetzal is not the usual 100% keyboard you'd expect.


This is Ahokore by _dezli, which makes use of a nice!nano and ZMK for Bluetooth functionality.

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A monoblock Dactyl by OmnisaiRen with build log and files to print.