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Burroughs electronic check writer

A Burroughs Model T9929 electronic check writer spotted.

The original post has been deleted by the mods for some reason, but I managed to save the picture of this beauty anyway.

I'm not sure what a check writer or check embosser is, but I can almost feel the weight of these thick vintage keycaps.

Published on Thu 20th May 2021. Featured in KBD #27 (source).


1989 Nixdorf Computers keyboard

1989 Nixdorf Computers keyboard with 30 F-keys. Renovated (lubed mx blacks, dampened, retrobrite) by bubr123.


One Sol-20 fixed by bushnrvn (one more to go).


IBM Selectric Model 1

IBM Selectric Model 1 typewriter with sound test. Posted by josefquevedo.