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Buzzard keyboard

Christoph Rehmann's Buzzard is a well-documented 40-key split keyboard with splay and trackpoint.
Published February 19, 2022
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Buzzard is a 40 keys ergonomic split keyboard designed by Christoph Rehmann aka cre2016 and inspired by tapioki's Architeuthis dux. The layout sports splayed columns and an additional pinky column with two keys.

My main goal was to accommodate a trackpoint at a convenient position. It can be mounted directly to the PCB either between the two index columns or between middle finger and index finger columns – cre2016.

It is also possible to install a linear actuator for haptic feedback (pimoroni module) e.g. to use it to indicate layer changes.

In case of a wireless build the PCB also has a power switch and connectors for an optional Sharp memory display instead of an OLED display.


  • Choc spacing.
  • Hot-swap (except around the trackpoint module).
  • I2C interface for an OLED display.
  • Wireless ready (battery switch + Sharp memory display option).
  • Either surface mount or through hole components can be used.
  • Integrated trackpoint reset circuit.
  • Two possible positions to mount a trackpoint to the PCB.
  • Mounting option for a linear actuator (HapticBuzz from pimoroni)

Some points the author may address in the next iteration:

  • Better positioning of the solder pads for the trackpoint module so the wiring is cleaner.
  • Moving the stand-offs for the acrylic display guard so it is better aligned with the switches (for aesthetics).
  • Reduce column splay or completely remove it.
  • Break-off outer pinky columns.
  • A third key at the outer pinky column.

The build guide and the KiCAD files can be found in this GitHub repo:

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Published on Sat 19th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #66 (source).


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