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CCRX case

CCRX, a WK/WKL keyboard case open sourced by obitae.
Published January 31, 2023
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The CCRX (Classic Corsa Redux V2) by obitae aka dark is a keyboard designed as a homage to the original custom keyboards, specifically the Korean OTD keyboards machined from metal; like those designed by Eungsam where the typing angle is defined by the keyboard case and not the keyboard feet.

Pictured is the CCRX, designed by me. I've made improvements and adjustments and open sourced the second version based on those changes. This is the first time I'm releasing the files of something I've designed to the community, I hope that everyone can get enjoyment out of it – obitae.



  • 7 degree typing angle
  • Under 17mm adjusted front height without bumpons
  • Compatible with SJ5302 bumpons (8mm diameter made by 3M)
  • WK (Winkey) and WKL (Winkeyless) top case versions available
  • Bottom case with 'OTD 360c' homage styling
  • 'Through' Weight, which gives the illusion of being two separate weights
  • PCB compatibility: Anubis by Gondolindrim, WT80/graphite by WilbaTech
  • Plate compatibility: Jane V2 (top mount), Ecliptica plate.



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Published on Tue 31st Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #113 (source).


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