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CLP keycap profile

Victor published the CLP keycap profile, comprising a set of 19 nice sculpted keycap variants for MX switches.
Published November 11, 2023
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Inspired by braindefender's KLP Lamé, Victor aka vvhg1/Strange-Lab5541 came up with the CLP profile, a set of contoured mid/low-pro keycaps for MX switches (CLP → Contoured Low Profile).

He's come a long way from the Fisk with Gabriele caps:

Well, you know I love my Gabriele keycaps – they just look great, at least in my opinion, but they do have all the shortcomings we talked about […] Every time I saw the Pseudoku keycaps I really thought about how comfortable they must be. At the same time they are higher than I like […] So I really envied the choc crowd for their low profile keycaps, most notably the KLP-Lame by braindefender […] there were only two tiny drawbacks. One was that I don't like to see the switches below the keycaps that much. The other was that I wanted a 1.5u keycap for my thumb on my fisk – Victor.

But these CLPs are more than KLPs with adjusted skirt. The author created a huge set with 19 variants at the time of writing this, making the CLP an extremely versatile profile with keycap models already available for download. (However, if you'd like to wait for some test prints of the final models, they are still on the way.)


That said, Victor consulted braindefender who gave valuable feedback and pointed out some issues, so the profile should be ripe enough by now.

The repo contains fusion360 source files, STLs, and combined files that you can send to any 3D-printing service.


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Published on Sat 11th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #143.


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