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CMY keycap profile

CMY (Cylindrical Minimal Y) is a new open-source keycap profile by Sadek Baroudi for both MX and low-profile switches.
Published November 2, 2023
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Sadek Baroudi of published a new keycap profile for narrower vertical spacing: the CMY (Cylindrical Minimal Y) is a new open-source profile with various keycap models for both MX and low-profile switches.

The dimensions of these are 18 mm width (standard), and 15.4 mm height (minimum vertical spacing for MX and choc switches). The CMY keycaps support MX, Choc v1, KS-27 and KS-33 switch types.

The intent is to have some comfortable keycaps to be used with keyboard designs that utilize minimal Y spacing. […] I must say, I did this as an experiment, and I absolutely love minimal Y spacing! Anyway, hope someone gets some good use out of them! – Sadek.

There are multiple types, sculpted thumbs, etc:

  • 5 degree tilt
  • 12 degree tilt
  • 12 degree tilt with flat ends
  • Sculpted thumb keys
  • Edge col sideways tilt

Pic: 12 degree vertical tilt

12 degree vertical tilt

There is also one type of homing key, with 2 dots.


Warning: I am still in the process of testing these keycaps! I can confirm that if you order the Choc ones in MJF from JLCPCB, they should be okay, but produce at your own risk – Sadek.
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Published on Thu 2nd Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #142 (source).


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