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CRP-X keycap profile

Created by Hammer & Buger.Work, CRP-X is a new uniform keycap profile with stepped modifiers and flippable caps.
Published June 23, 2023
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I spotted the Parallel Worlds keycap set on Drop. Only renders, but let me temporarily relax my rules of what I feature on this blog: a new keycap profile is definitely something worth making an exception for.

So created by Hammer and designed in partnership with Buger.Work, the Parallel Worlds is the first example of a set coming in the CRP-X profile.

The CRP-X keycap profile is "semi-flat", with sharper top edges and the top surface somewhere between DSA and XDA, but it also reminds me of a uniform MDA.

The Parallel Worlds Keycap Set is like no other keycap set you’ve likely seen—in form and in function. First, the beige-gray color scheme with pops of primary colors hearkens back to the classic terminals of the ‘80s and ‘90s, delivering both nostalgia and computational history in one go – Drop.

And from there things take a turn for the unfamiliar.


Caps of this set feature both US and "international" legends. Just like any uniform keycap, these caps can be flipped upside down, but this time you have an alternative set of legends. For most people this will be purely aesthetic since there's no general "international" layout I guess – or am I missing something? We poor souls cursed with all those funny accented characters have symbols in different places depending on our languages.

And seeing the pictures, flipping works only for the modifiers and some numbers, at least the sublegends of the alphas and most numbers are oriented the same way as the primary legends. But it's a nice touch anyway.


  • Designed by Hammer & Buger.Work
  • Profile: CRP-X (reversible)
  • Material: Thermal sublimated PBT
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • Estimated shipping date is Dec 25, 2023.


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Published on Fri 23rd Jun 2023. Featured in KBD #125.


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