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Two new CircuitPython boards by u/SouthPawEngineer, called the Caduceus.
Published February 28, 2022
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After his stenoish designs, SouthPawEngineer made two minimalist splits with the Adafruit KB2040.

There is a 36-key variant that, to connect the two halves, uses the Keeboar's on-board 4-pin JST Qwiic connector with a Qwiic cable.

It is almost as minimal as a keyboard can be - no diodes, and no TRRS connector. With that version, you can solder the switches/sockets and be done with it – SouthPawEngineer.

There's also a second, 34-key variant with a little pinky splay sporting the traditional TRRS connector.

Both run CircuitPython and KMK, which makes changing your keymaps and customizing your keyboard as easy as editing a text file on a USB drive.

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Published on Mon 28th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #67 (source).


Blended Dactyl Manuform

A blended Dactyl Manuform by okinawa-keyboards with source and STL files.


Despite its appearance, the Schrodinger by SouthPawEngineer is logically a monoblock keyboard: sporting a single XIAO.

Wokpan - a 3D-printed wireless by u/sonerino

Wokpan - a 3D-printed wireless by sonerino


The Sweeeeep is Sadek Baroudi's take on the Sweep – with per-key LEDs, OLED and Elite-C as controller.

Make a Keyboard

A handwired project and detailed tutorial on how to design and make a keyboard by berkstone.


A wireless ortho split with source files: Xiao_256 by redguardsoldier.