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Caps Word and other QMK tips

A QMK keymap with short blog posts by Mental_General_5445 explaining tricks like autocorrection, Caps Word, getting Shift keys right, etc.
Published November 7, 2021

A couple years ago, I switched to a Dactyl Ergodox, and fell in love (and down a rabbit hole) with QMK firmware. I appreciate how it helps mitigate RSI and improve productivity – Pascal Getreuer.

Pascal shared his keymap in this GitHub repo:

Topics covered in separate blog posts:

Some of these tips may or may not work for you depending on your job, workflow, languages used, etc.

What I liked and will implement in my keymap are probably the Caps Word part and the Next sentence macro.

I'm content with the placement of my Shift/Caps Lock (hold/press) – put on the thumb key my left thumb rests on –, but this Caps Word concept makes still sense in my case: programming a lot in PHP, it will probably help with typing $_POST/GET, $_SESSION and $_SERVER variables.

Published on Sun 7th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #51 (source).

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