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The Cardinal is a wireless low-pro split by Painterman, supporting a roller encoder and 5-way switch.
Published February 16, 2024
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Jose Antonio Pintor Gonzalez aka Painterman shared his Cardinal, a wireless and low-profile split keyboard with optional encoders, screens and 5-position switches.

Started using a Ferris Sweep for a while and after seeing the awesome EVQWGD001 encoders and the 5 way switch I wanted to make a board for myself and seeing how all that jazz goes, and here it is, Cardinal, because of the 5 way switch – Painterman.


  • 36-42 keys (5/6x3+3)
  • low-pro Choc footprint, Choc spacing
  • hotswap
  • Nice!Nano or compatible footprint
  • roller encoder (optional)
  • OLED or Nice!View support
  • 5-way switch (optional)
  • tenting puck support
  • snap-off outer pinky column

Support for 4 encoders or 2 encoders plus 2 5-way switches – or none of that.

Snappable pinkie column because I have already some experience with a Ferris, so I might end up doing that – Painterman.



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Published on Fri 16th Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #155 (source).


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