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Ceramic keycaps

u/HydrakeyCeramic introduces new ceramic keycaps.
Published March 21, 2022

@hydrakey presents a new little side project: ceramic keycaps.

While we've seen such keycaps before, e.g. from Cerakey, these ones are slightly different:

The HydraKey caps are "slip casted earthenware ceramics". In addition, the caps are glazed with transparent glazing (a thin glass layer) so they show the original color of the clay that is used.

I’m going to make Ceramic Keycaps! I’ve been thinking about this concept alot and because me and my partner are both very passionated about ceramics and work/worked with this material we would love to try a make this idea work.

There are some post about the process on Instagram, e.g. showing the molds:


These are two different sizes, since after baking the caps can shrink up to 8%. So the maker has to try to get the perfect cap size first.

First prototypes of the ceramic keycaps coming straight from the mold. They still need to go into the oven to get their strength and of course the glaze.


Finally, a quick "sound test":

Published on Mon 21st Mar 2022. Featured in KBD #70 (source).

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