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The unibody Ch55p34 by Alex Miller uses the CH552T MCU, and it runs on FAK firmware.
Published January 18, 2024
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Alex Miller aka keyboarddweebs is back with Ch55p34, a monoblock splits board using the relatively cheap CH552T MCU and FAK firmware – a combo popularized by Richard Goulter's boards.

I just created a new keyboard based on the ch552t chip. Runs on FAK firmware. I named it the Ch55p34 because it's "Ch55p" – Alex.


  • 34 keys (3x5+2)
  • hotswap, MX
  • CH552T MCU
  • FAK firmware

Custom low-pro mounting :)

You can use the Ch55p34 without a case, or you can use the 3d printable case and plate provided in the repo.

I forgot to add mounting holes, and because of this, I had to find a way to mount the plate to the case. […] Four m2x10mm screws hold the plate in place. From the side. An unintended side effect is that it is about 7 mm thinner than any other keyboard I've made with a case. I may do this for the rest of my keyboards! – Alex.



The GitHub repo has everything that you need to make one on e.g. jlcpcb. BOM and PIP folders and files:

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Published on Thu 18th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #151 (source).


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