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Charybdis Nano

Quentin's Charybdis family is extending with the Nano – with open-source case files.
Published February 25, 2022

The Charybdis Nano is an ultra compact input device by Quentin Lebastard. Featuring 35 keys and an integrated trackball, it's the smaller brother of the 4x6 version or the trackball alternative of the Skeletyl.

Engineered to be a full mouse replacement solution with high-quality, custom-developed components – Bastardkb.

Resources: Github repo.

Published on Fri 25th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #67 (source).

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Hotreus62 was shared by leo_beekeeb – a 60% hotswappable keyboard that supports both low-profile Choc and MX switches.

Open body enigma36

A new enigma36 by sadekbaroudi, this time an open body version.


Musubi is nightzombie1's attempt at making a keyboard with Kailh X switches.

Wireless Sofle

A fully wireless and hotswap Sofle by keebsandcables.

NINE keyboard

NINE by But She's a Girl is an updated Piano – with PCB and case files shared.

Ergodonk released

Ergodonk, a handwired split with 3D-printed case, is released by Lithocut.