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A cheap to build split: Cheapino by infinetelurker.
Published April 6, 2023
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Thomas Haukland aka tompi/infinetelurker shared his Cheapino, a relatively cheap split with only one controller (and Japanese duplex matrix).

This is the result of really enjoying building keyboards but not wanting to spend that much money on it. The PCB is reversible, connected using rj45, and utilizes a Japanese duplex matrix, so only one MCU is needed – Thomas.

In fact, it only uses 7 of the rj45 wires to support 18 switches and an encoder on the right side.

I can take out/plugin the rj45 without worrying about shorting something :)

As commenters have pointed out, the design could be improved by using 5-pin switches, and there are even cheaper alternatives if price is a concern. E.g. boards under the magical 100x100mm threshold (Cheapis), but even handwiring combined with cardboard plates – but nice try anyway. :)

And thanks for the reference!


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Published on Thu 6th Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #119 (source).


MM60 Ergo

A laser cut split by SKZBadHabit with trackpoint, display and RTC.


Steven's Fissure is a 40-key BLE split featuring his steno engine.


The Ferris Sweep got an industrial makeover: ferricy by u/Icyphox.

Magnetic layout prototyping

Going low profile: adjustable keyboard with magnets by key-yack.


The SS Centurion, a 39-key monoblock split with a trackball, is the latest keyboard by Protieusz.


Jerome Olivier designed a nice unibody split: Jack32 – with splay and only one thumb key.