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Cheapis is a cheap single-MCU Ferris/Sweep alternative by PM_ME_YOUR_MAINFRAME.
Published January 12, 2023

Dotleon aka PM_ME_YOUR_MAINFRAME came up with a really cheap Ferris/Sweep alternative to test a 34-key setup:

Cheapis! A very cheap alternative to ferris and sweep. Good for experimenting with a 34 key layout. The PCB is under 100x100mm, so it can be ordered for $2 + shipping. I made this because I wanted to try 34 keys on a low budget – dotleon.


  • Unibody angled split (sides angled by 20 degrees)
  • 34 keys
  • Compatible with MX, Kailh Choc v1 and Gateron low profile switches (soldered)
  • 1n4148 SOD-323 diodes
  • 19mm standard spacing

Pros: less than 100x100mm, reversible, so you can order less, needs only one Pro Micro (or alternative) – very cheap.

Cons: it has to be unibody, tenting is not possible, fragile without a plate as the Pro Micro keeps the two sides together.


Published on Thu 12th Jan 2023. Featured in KBD #111 (source).

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