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Chicony Kb-5160 with blue Alps

RedCowl80 got this nice Chicony Kb-5160 for free from a recycling center he frequents.

My first Blue Alps! A Chicony Kb-5160. No scratchiness at all :) gotta say that the hype is real – RedCowl80.

As some educated commenters point out: if they get dirty you can always boil n' wax them with paraffin wax. It won't mess with the tactility: You only boil the housings and sliders, then just wax the sliders.

Published on Mon 13th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #43 (source).


Monterey MK-9500

This Monterey MK-9500 posted by purpsoli is a double purpose keyboard (piano keyboard on the back) with white Alps.

Vintage Lexmark M15

A vintage Lexmark M15 split keyboard spotted by Theotherab at garage sale.

Big boi inspiration

A retro frankenstein machine incorporating a Famicom/NES clone, a keyboard and a tv screen. Posted by chad3814.