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Chocofly v2.0

Chocofly v2.0 by u/vitvlkv with some neat features.
Published February 19, 2023
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After his split Avalanche and the original Chocofly, Vitaly Volkov aka vitvlkv released the Chocofly v2.0.

Similarly to the v1 version, the revamped Chocofly is an ergonomic pseudosplit keyboard with 4x6 column staggered keys, thumb arch (60 keys total) and rotary encoder(s).

Main changes (compared to v1.1):

  • More compact
  • Choc spacing 18x17mm
  • Break-off number row
  • rotary encoder on the left or right. Or you may install two encoders if your controller supports this (like nice!nano), but in this case you will need two additional wires.
  • Increased pinky column angle up to 4 degrees
  • Dimensions: 317x133.4mm or 317x116.7mm

According to the author, the more compact v2 should fit very well with 14" laptops, which needs to be stressed this time since the main idea of the Chocofly is to be thin and suitable for "sonshi"-style usage (putting it on top the laptop keyboard). The keyboard itself perfectly fits into the Leopold 60% bag.


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Published on Sun 19th Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #114 (source).



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Le Capybara

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