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Chonky Palmtop

The Chonky Palmtop by Daniel Norris is a cyberdeck with an integrated Corne.
Published March 5, 2022

Daniel has been working on this project for a couple months: a Pi 4, 7" touchscreen, and an integrated split keyboard (Corne) with Miryoku layout that folds away to the footprint of the display.

It's about the same footprint as an old eee 701 laptop, but much thicker, hence the "chonky"... :D – a8ksh4.

The buttons and switch to the right of the display are used to control the LCD menu, check battery voltage, and switch power on and off.

More photos, stl files, and build info are posted in gitlab here:

Published on Sat 5th Mar 2022. Featured in KBD #68 (source).

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OLKB terminal

An OLKB terminal by jeffeb3 featuring a Void30.

RaspberryPERK cyberdeck

The RaspberryPERK (Pi Emergency and Recovery Kit) is a cyberdeck by Philipp1887.


Richard Sutherland's framedeck is his take on the slab style computers like the TRS-80 model 100 – using the Framework motherboard.

Russian army computer

A rugged computer used by the Russian army – seized by their Ukrainian hosts.

Big boi inspiration

A retro frankenstein machine incorporating a Famicom/NES clone, a keyboard and a tv screen. Posted by chad3814.

Instructions for the Lisperati1000

Open source files and instructions for the Lisperati1000 cyberdeck by drcode now available.