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Chordie chording keyboard

The Chordie is an open-source hand-wired chording keyboard by kbjunky with optional trackball support.
Published August 27, 2021

Git repo, build guide here.

Ever since I laid my hands on Ginny keyboard I felt like there was some room for improvements. This is my attempt at making it a bit better – kbjunky.

The main difference is that the Chordie supports a trackball. There are 3 mouse buttons on the left side and the trackball is wired through SPI interface. The mouse buttons can also be used as part of the chords or for switching layers which opens a wide spectrum of possibilities like scrolling with the ball etc.

The trackball part is optional though, the keyboard setup performs well with touchpads like Apple Magic Trackpad or can supplement any commercial trackball.

To ensure an easy building process all parts just clip in and only 2 screws are needed to secure the trackball sensor.

The Cordie is using the ASETNIOP chording system plus layers for all the other keys that are not included in it.

Typing demo:

Published on Fri 27th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #41 (source).

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