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Christmas ornament keypad

Hide-key's new design is a Christmas ornament shaped macropad with X switches.
Published December 27, 2022
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Hide-key's (Hideki Nakamura) name may sound familiar from some cool but closed source low profile ortho projects with X switches,

This time he published a macropad in the shape of a Christmas ornament.

A keypad that imitates Christmas ornaments. But, in terms of keymap, it's not a keyboard anymore💦 However, since it supports Remap, the keymap can be changed freely. Switches and keycaps use X Switch, and MCU uses XIAO RP2040. MERRY CHRISTMASğŸŽ„âœ¨ – hide-key.



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Published on Tue 27th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #109 (source).


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