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Chrumm 1.0

Severin Meyer published Chrumm, a gorgeous unibody split with flexible PCB and fixed tenting.
Published October 6, 2023
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Severin Meyer aka sevmeyer/summific shared all the design files of the this cool DIY keyboard project: [x|Chrumm] is a mouth-watering unibody split with built-in tenting.

Chrumm is an open-hardware ergonomic keyboard, made of a 3D-printable body, a bendable PCB, and custom firmware for the Raspberry Pi Pico – sevmeyer.



  • 64 keys (60-70)
  • MX, soldered
  • reversible, flexible PCB with break-off outer column
  • encoder
  • Raspberry Pi Pico controller
  • custom firmware written in C


Build stats

  • Printer: Prusa Mini+
  • Total print time: 35h
  • Total filament: 300g PLA
  • Filament for supports: 9g (3%)
  • Flubs and blunders: Various
  • Switches: 64x Kailh Fried Egg (silent linear)
  • Keycaps: Akko WOB Building Blocks (MDA profile)

The palm rests are part of the build. They consist of 3D printed shells, with artificial leather glued on top. The shells have a groove to neatly tuck in the leather on the side. More info on this on GitHub.

Yay, and is credited in the repo. Thanks!


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Published on Fri 6th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #138.


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