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The Chunky by tenstaana is a split board featuring Blackpill, Choc switches, audio, trackball and trackpoint.
Published January 2, 2022
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On the left half there is a pimoroni trackball and on the right side a SK8707 trackpoint just like in the Thinkpads. "The left trackball excels at quick scrolling. The trackpoint is for general mousing and fine movements."

I will just clean up the files and open source it. […] My next goal is to make it less janky by covering the other internals like the blackpill, and oled housing – tenstaana.

Btw, the halves are connected by an USB-C cable:

So split comms is using QMK’s full duplex USART (mapped to A2 and A3 in this case). For the USB interconnect, D+ and D- are connected two jumpers which you should reverse on both sides since the blackpill does not support pin swapping. Then route VCC and ground to the the USB pins as well. This means the possible shorts introduced by unplugging TRRS cables could not happen since the pins in the USB port for VCC and GND are separate.
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Published on Sun 2nd Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #59 (source).

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