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Chunky2040 Rev2

Chunky2040 Rev2 by tenstaana with lots of features.
Published May 3, 2023

I really struggle with keeping track of all the features of the Chunkies. Designed by @freznel aka tenstaana, the Chunky2040 rev2 files are now available on github.


  • RP2040, 16MB Flash
  • STUSB4500 PD Chip
  • Built in USB hub
  • Flexible pointing device support (trackpad, trackball, etc.)
  • AlpsEC50 Ring Encoder
  • Bourns SMD encoder
  • Five way tactile switch
  • Stagger and thumb cluster based on the Dygma Defy. Outer thumb buttons are designed for one handed mousing. "I initially thought the TC would not work, but after digging into the Defy videos I kinda figured that it does."
  • Touch sensor strip on the "chunk"
  • GC9A01 support (bare screen or PCB breakout)
  • Regulated load switches
  • ESD/Overcurrent/Reverse voltage protection
  • USB C split comms
  • Trackpoint support
  • Class D mono amp for bees and bops
  • Built in haptic driver IC
  • Choc and MX support.


Published on Wed 3rd May 2023. Featured in KBD #121 (source).

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