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A tented monoblock case of Churn, a handwired split by Luke Schutt.
Published January 7, 2024
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Luke Schutt aka ihihbs shared the case STL of his Churn, a handwired monoblock split with some fixed tenting. 40% and 60% variants available, walking in the footsteps of the Chrumm and ScottoErgo.

This started out from a set of designs I was churning through, thus the name. Waffling between having more splay and column stagger or tented ortho the vision for this board became clearer after ScottoErgo and Chrumm – Luke.

The STL files provided are split in half to be printed vertically.

Since the OpenSCAD file is included in the repo, tweaking the parameters (splay, stagger, size) are possible too.


  • 38-65 keys (5x3+4 thumb keys, plus extra outer columns)
  • tented unibody case
  • handwired

Luke's build uses Gateron low-profile switches, a nice!nano as controller, a 420mAh battery, plus wire and other components he had on hand.


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Published on Sun 7th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #150 (source).



A monoblock split by 1m38 with column splay and all the bells and whistles.


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T. G. Marbach's JESK56 is a diodeless 56-key ortholinear keyboard, using a single RP2040-based microcontroller thanks to some fancy math and graph theory.

Reviung39 case

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