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A handwired Pteron44 derivative by ghostfaceschiller with a Pimoroni Trackball.
Published December 20, 2021
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Closis is a low-profile unibody-split ergonomic keyboard with Choc spacing, based heavily on the Pteron44. It features a Pimoroni Trackball.

The major changes from the Pteron are:

  • tightest possible Choc spacing
  • increased slant angle
  • modified thumb cluster
  • increased column stagger, especially on the pinky columns
  • Pimoroni Trackball added

Github repo:

It is fully functional however, with the exception of the Pimoroni Trackball which currently works but is kind of unreliable – ghostfaceschiller.
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Published on Mon 20th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #57 (source).


Unsplit Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up! turned into a monoblock by u/ak66666 – with one more level.


Sander Boear's box-o-alps is an open-source PCB (actually two) in a classy lunchbox. ;)

NEC M-System

The NEC M-System was a Japanese input method and a series of word processor keyboards introduced in 1983. Posted by wj-zhe.


Foam and plate files for Foostan's unibody Cornelius released.

Yamada Willow

Daraku-Neko's Yamada Willow is a monoblock split with the Willow layout and an ambidextrous numpad.


Joe Scotto's latest handwired project is a unibody split: ScottoErgo with aviator connector.