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The cocot46 is a homebrew keyboard with an integrated trackball and rotary encoder.

I know designing and building your own keyboard is very rewarding. However, I can't imagine how rewarding seeing your design in a shop might be.

I went to see my own keyboard cocot46 in Yusha Kobo – Daihuku.

The cocot46 is a compact, 46-key monoblock split with column staggered layout, equipped with a mini trackball and rotary encoder.

Published on Mon 11th Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #47 (source).


Low profile barobord

The low profile version of sadekbaroudi's barobord was added to the repo.



KUSOboard by covah901 with Longan Nano completed.


Barobord PCB

The barobord repo keeps growing: PCB for MX and Choc switches, cases, etc. - by sadekbaroudi.



This is Ahokore by _dezli, which makes use of a nice!nano and ZMK for Bluetooth functionality.

Make a Keyboard

A handwired project and detailed tutorial on how to design and make a keyboard by berkstone.