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Colorful hotswap sockets

Durock came out with some new hotswap sockets in vivid colors.
Published June 10, 2022

Sorry if this is common knowledge, I still can't get my mind around the significance of colorful switches, not to mention hotswap sockets...

Nevertheless, after Kailh came out with the funky "2nd gen" MX hotswap sockets last years, it seems Durock didn't want to miss anything either.

Their sockets are available in 8 different colors, more vivid than the classy pale Kailh ones. According to the product page, they are rated for only 100 hotswap cycles (compared to Kailh's 6,000) – similar to the original Kailh ones.


Available here.

And this tweet by @daraku_neko gave me the tip:

Published on Fri 10th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #82.

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