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Continuously variable tenting

Continuously Variable Tenting – An 3D-printed open-source tenting solution by macroxue.
Published January 3, 2022

This is a solution for flexible and reliable tenting of keyboards with very low cost. [...] A DIYer who has access to 3D-printing can easily build it and customize it – macroxue.

Github repo and video demonstration:

The structure is basically a steel plate on a ball joint. This makes it a universal platform since any keyboard with magnets at the back can attach to the steel plate.

The ball joint allows the plate to rotate continuously in a certain range so – according to the author – "it's easy to tent and tilt the keyboard to one's liking".

Published on Mon 3rd Jan 2022. Featured in KBD #59 (source).

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Adjustable tenting

A work in progress Corne with custom adjustable tenting. Links and details in the comments. Committed by ___Paladin___.