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Converted Tipro

Alinelena converted a TIPRO cash register to an 8x12 ortho.
Published September 23, 2022
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A TIPRO POS converted by Alin Elena to a 8x12 ortholinear keyboard – with open-source PCB.

This is practically a tipro cash register that I got from ebay for 10 quid... is a nice 8x12 ortho that comes with cherry blacks. Used a Blackpill STM32f401 for matrix and a shift register for LEDs (there are 7 of them), practically the same I used for the tipro 8x16. firmware is qmk... – alinelena.

The conversion was based on some PCBs already used in another project of the author, namely a 8x16 conversion, stitched together by handwiring.

More details:

Repo of the previous 8x16 ortho with Gerbers and KiCad files:

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Published on Fri 23rd Sep 2022. Featured in KBD #96 (source).


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