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Copper case with patina

Patina done by -MarvFPV-.

Case made from FormFutura's Copperfill.

This is a PLA type of 3D printer filament with 80% copper filling. It 3D prints heavyweight copper parts which are nearly indistinguishable from genuine copper cast objects.

Post-processing was done with vinegar and salt (plus clear coat for durability).

The keyboard is Hummingbird by PJE66, built with Choc Robins and 15g springs.

You can find the PCB and case files here:

Published on Sat 12th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #30 (source).


nice!nano holder

A 3D printable nice!nano holder by Nathanielks for Fmcraft's TBK Mini.


Open-source Zodiark cases

Levener created different versions of 3D printable cases for the Zodiark by Split Logic Keyboards.


J73K: a through-hole ortho

The J73K by peeweejedi is an open source through-hole 15*5 ortholinear keyboard using an Atmega32a (git & glamour shots).