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Daniel Bauer's wireless split Corax54 ditches one key of his previous model.
Published March 30, 2024
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The Corax54 is the next iteration of Daniel Bauer's (aka dnlbauer/The_Red_Gobbo) Choc-spaced, wireless, reversible split PCB – after the original Corax56, published last year.

A few month ago, I posted about the Corax56, a wireless choc keyboard with pinky stagger and a pinky cluster. I found that I wasn't using the pinky cluster as much as expected, so here is a revised version with one button less (because less is always better, right?) – Daniel.


  • 54 keys, Choc
  • Choc-spaced, hot-swappable
  • scroll wheel (EVQWGD001) on both sides
  • pinky stagger and a 5 deg pinky splay
  • Fully wireless built for Nice!Nano + ZMK (no TRRS Jack)
  • Nice!View support (5 pin connector)
  • Reversible PCB
  • 3D printable magnetic case, switchplate and MCU cover


I initially designed the Corax56 (=56 keys) with 4 pinky keys. The upper key (usually mapped to ESC) was placed in a new column because I found it easier to reach horizontally than vertically. Over the time, I realized that I am not using this button very often. The Corax54 was born as a more compact version where the pinky cluster misses this additional column and has only 54 keys (2 less). This is the only difference between the two versions – Daniel.


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Published on Sat 30th Mar 2024. Featured in KBD #160.


An ergo split called the Solergo

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Pete Johanson's revxlp is a variant of the Reviung41 keyboard, but low profile, and supports controllers with the XIAO footprint.


The articulation70 is a successor to Myles Lee's articulation80 keyboard – with LEDs and a more personalized layout.

Redox build

A Redox-based build by kubami with great build log.

Laptop replacement keyboard

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