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Daniel Bauer's Corax56 is a low-profile wireless split with horizontal encoders.
Published August 10, 2023
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Corax56 is a 56-key column-staggered split keyboard by Daniel Bauer aka dnlbauer/The_Red_Gobbo. It's low profile, Choc-spaced, fully wireless, and comes with scroll wheels and display (Nice!View) support.

My first design! Github link to the repo with pcbs and 3d printed components – The_Red_Gobbo.


  • Choc-spaced, hot-swappable
  • 56 keys (4 thumb keys, 4-key pinky cluster)
  • Horizontal encoder (EVQWGD001) on both sides
  • Strong pinky stagger (0.66) and a 5 degree pinky splay
  • Fully wireless built for Nice!Nano + ZMK (no TRRS Jack)
  • Nice!View support (5 pin connector)
  • Reversible PCB
  • 3D printable magnetic case, switch plate and MCU cover

Pic: Corax56 by dnlbauer

Corax56 by dnlbauer


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Published on Thu 10th Aug 2023. Featured in KBD #130 (source).



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