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The Cornball by Protieusz is a heavily modified Cornelius – with an integrated trackball and some LEDs.
Published April 4, 2024
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Protieusz published the Gerbers and STLs of his Cornball, a monoblock split based on the Cool536lc/Cornelius with a 25 mm trackball and 4 LEDs.


  • unibody split
  • 3x5+3 per half (+1 center key)
  • MX, soldered
  • Waveshare RP2040 Tiny controller
  • trackball
  • roller encoder support

The keyboard is powered by the Waveshare RP2043 Tiny that has a USB-C daughterboard. The switch plate in integrated and is 5mm thick with a 25 mm trackball holder. The case is heavily modified from the Cool536lc to accommodate the trackball in the center.


The PCB has support for an optional EVQ roller encoder or a MX switch at the top center position.

Initial prototype PCBs have a weird flaw. The "Q" switch footprint somehow shifted upwards making it not fit in the switch plate. So I had to bend the 2 pins and cut off the bottom steam holder area in order to fit the switch plate. Then flux solder the pins. The PCB gerber files have since been corrected but untested since I don't want to waste money on another set of 5. Please print at your own risk – Protieusz.


Gerbers and case files on Github:

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Published on Thu 4th Apr 2024. Featured in KBD #160.


Zaphod Lite

Pete Johanson published his Zaphod Lite, a hand solderable version of the original Zaphod – a feature-rich low-pro wireless monoblock split.

Atreyu Rev2 MX

Jesus Climent shared the MX version of his Atreyu Rev2.

Monoblock Dactyl

A monoblock Dactyl by OmnisaiRen with build log and files to print.


Fusion is u/steven4012's foldable travel board – with all the source files.


Penk Chen published his Haori36, a compact monoblock ortho with thumb cluster and optional Pimonori trackball.

Osprey remix

Vladimir Glushkov released his remix of the Osprey – with a daughterboard instead of on-board MCU.