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Corne Chocoflan

Hai Nguyen of shared his Corne Chocoflan, a low-pro Corne variant optimized for wireless use.
Published October 25, 2023
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The Corne Chocoflan by Hai Nguyen (haignuyenac) is a derivative of the Corne LP by Foostan. It's a low-profile, optionally wireless split keyboard.

Hi guys, I'd like to share my revision of the Corne keyboard with some QoL changes when built with wireless controller – Hai.


  • 42 keys (6x3+3)
  • Choc, hotswap (only)
  • Pro Micro footprint
  • wireless via nice!nano
  • Physical BOOT button, slide switch to turn Bluetooth on/off.
  • SSD1306 OLED (128x32) and Nice!View E-ink support.
  • Bonus: Curved traces and teardrops.



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Published on Wed 25th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #141 (source).



The DragonFruit is a VIK certified monoblock split by Protieusz.

Keyboard one

DrJamesOIncandenza shared his first keyboard, a monoblock design derived from the Corne.

Kolibri keyboard

The Kolibri is an Alice style design by kreme11 with open-source case.

Magnetic layout prototyping

Going low profile: adjustable keyboard with magnets by key-yack.

Scylla - a modern Dactyl Manuform

Presenting the Scylla - a modern Dactyl Manuform by Fmcraft.

The Djinn Rev2a

A new update to the Djinn by tzarc – a test bed for QMK hardware development (repo).