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Corne GLP

BeeKeeb's Leo introduced the open-source Corne GLP, a variant specifically designed for Gateron low-profile hotswap sockets.
Published October 20, 2023
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The Corne GLP (Gateron Low Profile) is a variant of the Corne keyboard, originally created by foostan. It supports Gateron low-profile key switches (KS-27 and KS-33). The original Corne firmware can be used with this keyboard.

As the name implies, this variant is specifically designed for Gateron low profile hotswap sockets and is compatible with Gateron low profile key switches – Leo.


  • 42 keys
  • Per-key RGB LEDs (North-facing)
  • Underglow RGB LEDs
  • crkbd firmware (QMK/VIA)
  • Compatible with Corne v3 keyboard cases



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Published on Fri 20th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #140 (source).



GrabShell by dotBravo is a pretty unique wireless folding keyboard optimized for handheld use.

Skeletyl variant

A Skeletyl variant by u/blackanode with top and side mount add-on options.


Klavyl is a handwired split keyboard by u/thebgfan, generated by Klavgen, the author's other project.

ArcBoard & ArcPedals

Chris Trotter added some pedals to his setup: ArcPad & ArcPedals – QMK-powered feet spaceships!


The Game Roy ADVANCE by u/ROYMEETSW0RLD started out as a gamepad and ended up as a split.

Gneiss01 keyboard

Gneiss01 is an interesting keyboard project by LeverMind2112 – involving clay, 3D scanning and printing.