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Foam and plate files for Foostan's unibody Cornelius released.
Published August 13, 2021
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uberslowsloth's post made me aware of Foostan's Cornelius project.

While members of the Corne family are open-source, this one was a group buy earlier this year.

It will not be released as open source. I will release the plate data, and may release the PCB as well – Foostan.

According to the IC last November, this is a gasket mounted monoblock ergo with 10° slant angle (20° between the halves) put in a nice aluminum case.

It seems the author put some of the files up to Github recently, so you can cut your own plate and foam now:

There's also a detailed build guide with lots of useful stuff to learn (not just for those who participated in the GB). I've always thought build guides are one of the most useful aids when it comes to learning about keyboard design:

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Published on Fri 13th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #39 (source).


Boardsource smol Rev 2

Cole Smith's smol is a symmetric staggered monoblock split with the same small flippable PCB for both halves, stuck together by the controller.

Rocksolid prototype

Rocksolid is a collab between tenstaana and a mashup of their Chunky and Rock on keyboards.


Travis Mick published his tamago60, an open-source 60-key ortholinear keyboard with a joystick in the middle.


The unique ergoLogic keyboard with adjustable tenting angle – posted by u/datnarwhal4.

Chrumm 1.0

Severin Meyer published Chrumm, a gorgeous unibody split with flexible PCB and fixed tenting.


CB34S is a 34-key columnar staggered Choc V1 monoblock split keyboard by Bubbleology – with Nice!Nano and Nice!View.