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Crkbd magnetic case

This is a 3D printed magnetic case by taksi_kavausuki for Crkbd choc keyboards – with STL file.

Published on October 8, 2021 by

This is a remixed case for choc Crkbd (original) with 6x3mm magnets, 4mm M2 spacers and 8x2mm rubber feet.

Unfortunately, I can no longer type fast on regular keyboards, so I made a case that is more travel friendly for bringing my keeb to university :) – taksi_kavausuki.

There was another interesting case design referenced in the comments:

A CRKBD Bento case by Kopsi which protects the keyboard as an outer shell.

This transport case is fitted to the Corne Keyboard HiPro Case designed by mburrows.

The case has holes for 6mm x 2mm magnets which allow to put each half over the corresponding keyboard half and then "fold" it together to get the compact cubish form.

It also allows you to hang it on your pin board or fridge.

An optional rubber band (25mm) prevents the keyboard from falling out of the case.

Published on Fri 8th Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #47 (source).



The Matcha59 is a hand-wired, angled, 3D-printable Preonic alternative by rykbio.


A stylish Iris case

COrthbandt has built and shared a new 3D printed Iris case.


A bunch of cases

Sadek Baroudi shared a bunch of cases for various keyboards you can print.