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Curse 46

The Curse 46 by hypermagpie has an interesting placement of an ISO Enter key.

Basically thought it'd be fun to make a small board but with an ISO enter, whilst I was at it I went for proper arrow keys and a full size space bar.

Starting from practically zero electronics design experience, hypermagpie followed Masterzen's guide on PCB design and it all came together surprisingly easily. PCBs were ordered from JLCPCB in China.

Also got a little out there with my case design, I fancied using HMWPE for a change from carbon, and realised I could try making the plate integrated with the case, and just put a cover over the bottom.

The case is cut from 12 mm HMWPE, and the bottom cover is 3 mm acrylic, both made on a CNC router. The cover screws into brass heat set inserts that were melted into the case using a soldering iron.

Published on Mon 5th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #33 (source).


TB42: low profile wireless 40%

The Tiny Blue 42 (TB42) is a low-profile, Bluetooth, 40% mechanical keyboard by FauxLearningMachine running ZMK.

Giga40 with cartridge

Giga40 progress. Cartridge implemented by mujimanic.