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Curved traces in KiCad 5.99

Curved traces in KiCAD 5.99. Posted by deshtroy.
Published June 6, 2021
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Built-in fillet for curving traces.

You need your traces to be proper, i.e. no duplicate lines. Then, just select the lines you want to curve and apply the fillet, just like using any CAD software.

When you download 5.99, ‘fillet’ will be an option in the right-click context menu when the trace is selected.

Better said, when you select 2 traces that form a corner. You need to set the correct radius though.

in love with the new kicad. :) – deshtroy

Too bad that build in teardrop via will only be baked in in v7 which is still far away.

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Published on Sun 6th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #29 (source).


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