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Custom handwired split

A custom handwired keyboard by llpamies with build gallery.

The custom layout was inspired by the Corne. The case is made of wood with laser cut stainless steel plate.

Here is the gallery with more pictures.

(The wrong diode placement has been fixed since the photos were taken.)

The 2u keys in the bottom row can be pressed by both the middle and ring finger. They are used for Caps Lock and layer switching.

Published on Sat 29th May 2021. Featured in KBD #28 (source).


Charybdis - Dactyl trackball keyboard

The Charybdis by Fmcraft is a Dactyl spin-off with well-placed trackball.


New version of the Lil Chonky Bois

New version of the Lil Chonky Bois by Sndr666. MX version added.



ScyllaBallz - a tractyl Manuform by tenstaana with OLEDs, roller encoders, audio, and per key RGB.