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Custom keycaps using waterslide decals

How to DIY custom print keycaps using waterslide decals. A video by YOHONB.

A video guide on how to make cheap legends with waterslide decals:

Published on Sun 30th May 2021. Featured in KBD #28 (source).


MBK shine-through

The range of low profile keycap options may grow further with MBK Legend‡ Glow [IC] (gallery). Posted by fk-caps.

3D printable keycap tutorial

A video tutorial by mcass_37 on how to merge files and create your own custom 3D printable keycap file (base keycap, source).

YEET keycap profile

YEET keycap profile by shogzilla.


GMK color samples

Sample caps from the GMK Colour Ring shot by flehrad with various backgrounds and different light temperatures.


3D printed caps

3D printed keycaps with lots of useful info in the comments.