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Custom tented Sofle

A custom Sofle by onebigdoor with hotswap, foam gasket and modular tenting system.
Published May 14, 2021

This keyboard was a commission and hotswap was important, so onebigdoor went with a Sofle hotswap PCB.

The client wanted to experiment with tenting angles. Playing cards were used to experiment with different heights to see what he liked.

The final version uses printed tenting wedges fixed with silicone bands (removable). With the silicone bands the same effect could be achieved by creating custom tenting blocks that perfectly matched the case and style of the keyboard.

Without the wedges, the board is only 12 mm thick.

The case uses no fasteners, only the silicone bands, which also serve as non-skid feet.

Since the board does not use fasteners, swapping the blocks in is as easy as removing the bands. As a start two sets of blocks were printed at different angles, but printing more blocks is trivial, so it will be easy to iterate. Even compound angles can be done using this method.

The PCB sits on foam, and the copper plate sits on a foam gasket. You could type a baby to sleep with this thing.

Plates are 1.6 mm copper, laser cut by SendCutSend. Gaskets are 2 mm foam cut with Cricut. Cases are 3D printed PLA. Switches are stock silent Boba U4. Caps are RAMA grid. Knobs are from a bass.

More pics at

Published on Fri 14th May 2021. Featured in KBD #26 (source).

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