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CyberKeeb 2040

NoSegfaultPlz published his CyberKeeb 2040, which is both a mechanical keyboard and a cyberdeck.
Published August 22, 2023
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NoSegfault's (aka zli117) CyberKeeb 2040 is a mechanical keyboard and a cyberdeck in one. Powered by the author's PicoMK firmware for communication between the RP2040 and Pi Zero.

This is my second shot at designing a keyboard. Previously I made Pico-Keyboard. As raspberry pi supply issues are easing, I got my hands on a few Pi Zeros. It was natural to think about if I can build a keyboard with a full Linux computer, and here we are – NoSegfaultPlz.

The CyberKeeb 2040 can function as a normal mechanical keyboard that sends the keystrokes to the host computer, or, with the cyberdeck layer activated, it's a self contained computer:

The Pi Pico, the microcontroller running the PicoMK firmware is responsible for all the normal keyboard stuff. It communicates with the Pi Zero via SPI, using the Inter-Board Protocol designed by the author.

Right now the Pi Zero can only receive keycodes from Pi Pico, but in the future I'll add the code for Pi Zero to send keycodes to Pico which will then forward them to the host computer for auto-typing.


  • 66 keys
  • MX, hotswap
  • Pi Pico + Pi Zero controllers
  • encoder
  • display


Everything is open sourced:

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Published on Tue 22nd Aug 2023. Featured in KBD #202308.


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