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Based on Pseudoku's Hypo Warp, D-Warp is a 3D-printed split by u/Darrenph1 with a quite rare thumb key arrangement.
Published February 11, 2022

This handwired split is a modified version of Pseudoku's Hypo Warp with MX on the alphas and Chocs on the thumb cluster. The code for this version and the original version can be found here:

I built this a couple years ago and it's still my daily driver. I wish more keyboards would attempt the thumb cluster that I use. It's so much more natural to press your thumb straight down than on its side – Darrenph1.

The designer's remark: "I have noticed the USB cut out is narrow. My custom built USB-C fits fine" but for anything store bought you may have to shave off some of the plastic. You may want to make it a tad taller in your slicer.

There are files for the inset bottom plate as well as 2 versions of a plate with a wrist rest. The plates were made for Elite-C.

Couple of FYIs: There is a small extra piece generated in the inset plates. Darrenph1 removed those in his slicer before printing.

The wrist rest plate and the tent only have left STLs. Mirror them for right but just know that the right USB reset hole won't line up since it's mirrored. So you can mount the right USB-C facing up.


Published on Fri 11th Feb 2022. Featured in KBD #65.

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