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Dactyl flex

Dactyl flex by remus49 with open frame design supporting adjustable tenting and pivoting thumb keys.
Published August 11, 2021

This is my remix of dactyl manuform after trying whole bunch of different thumb clusters. the thumb keys are closer to home row so it’s less stressful for my thumb. And it’s easier to reach top row too – remus49.

The open frame design eliminates tight corners in the case that are hard to get to when assembling. Separating the finger plate and the thumb plate also allows easier experimentation on the thumb cluster.

The rack combines the two plates together, at the same time supporting adjustable tenting and pivoting thumb keys.

Github repo:

My clojure is horrible. Would have made it in Python if I knew about the porting project.

Published on Wed 11th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #39 (source).

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@tsukasa_metam's Cityscape48 is a pretty unique split keyboard with a multi-layer PCB construction to achieve a faux-keywell effect.

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