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Dactyl spinoff with a border

Yet another Dactyl spinoff, now with a border. Committed by jc2price.

I used /u/Okke's Tightyl as a starting point, adding back a couple of thumb buttons and a border. I'm pretty happy with the result!

Github repo:

It's not the most user friendly repo since jc2price ended up rewriting the dactyl script in Python just well enough to serve his own purposes.

The openings for cables / other hardware are a perfect fit for the parts used.

If you're using this as a starting point for your own build, all I can say is good luck – jc2price.

Published on Sun 25th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #36 (source).



Sepia by panichardware. Low profile split ergonomic keyboard created with Ergogen.


Manibus: a split aluminum keyboard

The Manibus is a split ergo aluminum keyboard by DrFish96 featuring magnetic wrist rests.


3D printed Alice style

This 3D printed Alice style keyboard by ymmaz is handwired with duplex matrix.