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Datadesk LittleFingers

After buying a Datadesk LittleFingers LF-2100 keyboard, u/FansForFlorida posted an informative gallery.
Published May 2, 2022

FansForFlorida bought a Datadesk LittleFingers LF-2100 keyboard on eBay, compared it to a Ducky One 2 TKL for scale, and posted lots of photos and info on Imgur.

This way:

But why am I reposting a rubberdome keyboard?

Because Datadesk designed the LittleFingers specifically for children's smaller hands and fingers.

Look at FansForFlorida's comparison:

Pic: LittleFingers next to a TKL for scale.

LittleFingers next to a TKL for scale.

From the product page:

Now your K-6 students can master the computer without having to master a "wrong-sized" keyboard! We've reduced a fully functioning keyboard to enhance your students' ability to learn proper computing and keyboarding skills. The result? LittleFingers® — the first and only keyboard designed especially for kids' hands (source).

While there are USB versions, the original Littlefingers was available with either a built-in trackball (LF-2000) or number pad (LF-2100) and was compatible with PC and Mac via PS/2 and ADB connectors. (A switch on the back selected between PC and Mac modes.)

Apart from the strange arrow cluster, which is plain cruel, the concept is pretty reasonable. A lot of musical instruments with reduced sizes are manufactured for kids so why not make a smaller keyboard?


The Alps mount keycaps are 14.5mm wide so the "littlefinger-spacing" could be about 15mm.

Much smaller than the 19.05mm standard or the 18x17mm (17.5x16.5mm caps) Choc – or better said MBK – spacing.

Published on Mon 2nd May 2022. Featured in KBD #76 (source).

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